Monday, February 22, 2010

Brother will you...

This Sketch is for the 19/10 SOUS.  I loved the sketch but cut down the pictures because I didn't want to crop these precious pictures!

I think this is by far one of my favorite layouts that I have done.  I love the way my little guy looks at his older brother.  Every time my oldest walks in the room, my little guy lights up and giggles.  They are almost 4 years apart but I know that my oldest will teach my baby so many things...good and bad! I had seen these words on a picture frame when we were visiting my sister and knew that I had to make a layout!  I purposely made the words TEACH ME ALWAYS in a different a bigger font, as this is what I hope my oldest will do for his little brother!

Carts Used:
Everyday Paper Dolls
Lyrical Letters
George and Basic Shapes
Plantin School Book
Paper Doll Dress up

I inked around all the edges in brown and popped up the circle that has all the words on it!  The little boy on the first page has a bunch of things that I thought and hope my boys will do together!


  1. oh this just warms my heart!
    I wonder if it is the big brother thing? My 2 boys are almost 5 years apart...the baby is just 8 months old but geez, he already loves his big bro! and he does light up whenever he is around...
    so this LO of yours is especially significant to me...
    I adore this, LOVE how you did all the wording and love the colors and of course...the photos! wow!
    and I got a good giggle out of that link...LOL...I wondered what crazy was trying to convert us, thank goodness I am already a believer! LOL!

  2. I really can't say enough really, other than its just "jaw dropping gorgeous" and "BEAUTIFUL" come to mind. LOL :O) and like Leah said "really warms my heart!".. Those photos are so darling and I love how you journaled around the circle..

  3. Already left you a comment on the MB but this is absolutely one of my faves! Love the title and those .. omgosh, incredible! Fabulous double pager!

  4. This is just the most precious thing ever...I adore the photos and the title...having four boysss i'm a bit of a sucker did such an awesome job with the sketch and I adore that you made it into a two pager...this is truly a treasure!!!

  5. Love your layouts, you design fabulous pages. I especially like your Mario Bros. layout.
    Thanks so much for following my blog.